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Intensive GI; Retail. 47.53

Intensive Care GI was designed to be the “sentry” of the horse feed industry; it’s on guard when you cannot be. Each day you use Intensive Care GI, it stands ready to challenge as much undesirable feed contaminants as it is possible. When you want to be sure you can but some degree of protection between your horse and distressed feeds, molds, mycotoxins and microbial opportunists, use Intensive Care GI.

Horses are no different that humans! They suffer from nervous stomach, digestion problems and stress. This relates to irregular eating habits, weight loss and poor performance.

A healthy gut is EVERYTHING.

      • Sooth ulcerated stomachs
      • Increase digestion
      • Better feed conversion, see your horse gain weight
      • Very palatable
      • Available in a cinnamon oatmeal base.
Available Sizes:
1 kg, 2.2 lbs